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Miss Hosting ID: Tips & Trix to protect your self online
Miss Hosting ID: Tips & Trix to protect your self online
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Two-factor authentication:

If you have enabled two-factor authentication for logging into your account but have lost your device, you don't need to worry. Simply install your authentication app on a new device and look for any backup of your account.

Forgot password email:

If you haven't received the email to reset your forgotten password, make sure you have entered the same email address you used to create your account. Also, check the "junk" or "spam" folder in your email client. If you still have issues, double-check for any spelling mistakes and try again.

Identity theft:

In short, identity theft is when someone other than you uses your personal information to commit fraud, scams, or other criminal activities. This includes personally identifiable information (PII) such as your full name, home address, email address, login credentials, social security number, ID card, passport, or anything else that can be used for personal identification.

Detecting identity theft:

Typical signs of identity theft include unauthorized withdrawals and transactions in your bank account, invoices for goods you didn't purchase, unauthorized bank accounts opened in your name, missing physical mail, unexpected registrations for mobile phone services in your name, unsolicited credit reports, and changes to your login credentials for online services. If you notice any of these signs, contact your bank and insurance company, and file a police report immediately.

How criminals obtain your information:

Criminals can obtain your personal information in various ways, including data breaches, phishing attempts, and physical theft of your wallet or purse. Data breaches are particularly common, with billions of personal records and login credentials already circulating in the dark corners of the internet.

Why someone might target you:

Many wonder why they can become targets for identity theft. Unfortunately, the reality is that awareness and knowledge about this subject are poor for many, and criminals often go after easy targets. That's why it's so important to take measures to protect yourself and your personal information with a service like Miss Hosting ID.

Identity theft:

In short, identity theft is usually not personally targeted, and you are rarely the primary target of the initial attack. However, the approach and nature of this crime mean that criminals often target companies with large databases to access personal information, regardless of who it belongs to. Unfortunately, it is precisely this type of data that we all leave behind when we shop online or use such services, and it is precisely what is "big business" in the criminal world. Even if you were not the original target, you can still be at risk of becoming a victim. If your information has been leaked, it is not too late to do something about it. There is often a period of time between the attack and the leak and when the information is actually exploited and abused. Our service acts as a "digital fire alarm" during this time, giving you a chance to take action.


Personally identifiable information (PII) is information that can be linked to you as an individual and your privacy. This includes your first and last name, social security number, home address, credit card information, login credentials such as passwords and email addresses, photos, passport details, membership information, religious and political preferences, and more. Protecting this information is crucial to prevent identity theft and ensure your online security.

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