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How do I transfer a Domain to Miss Hosting?
How do I transfer a Domain to Miss Hosting?
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If you have a domain registered with another provider, you can move or transfer the domain to us. We will then manage the domain and make sure to renew and point it to our servers. This is recommended for all our customers.

A domain name is usually transferred using a so-called authorization code (also called auth code, epp code) that only the owner of the domain has access to. You can check who is listed as the owner of a domain via whois. A transfer can take anywhere from a day to a week to complete but is usually done within 24 hours.

How to transfer a domain to Miss Hosting from another provider

Step 1.

Contact the current domain provider (or use their web interface) to unlock the domain name (if necessary) and obtain an authorization code.

Step 2.

Log in to the customer zone through this link:

Select "Domains" in the left menu and click on "Transfer in a Domain". Fill in the domain name you want to transfer and the AUTH code you received from your previous provider and click "Add to Cart".

Step 3.

Your domain together with the AUTH/EPP code will now appear on the screen. NOTE: If a domain name that you´re not going to transfer nor own appears here (at the top of the screen), this is an item from your shopping cart.

Fill in your AUTH/EPP code (if not already filled in) along with your social security and/or VAT number (Add VAT if desired) under the domain name you intend to move and press "Continue".

Reminder: Leave the name servers unchanged to make the DNS settings manageable under your profile/account. These are listed as "Misspark" as shown below:

Step 4

You are now on the "Checkout/Cart" screen, select "Buy now" to proceed with your domain transfer.

Step 5.

Confirm that your account details are correct, scroll down and select your payment method (as shown in the second image below) and then click on "Complete order".

For further assistance with domain help, managing DNS settings or in the case of a transfer issue, please contact our customer support team at [email protected].

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