High Risk Score
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Understand the website's risk, monitor changes, and make well-informed decisions to protect your business.

Here are some points that are good for you to take note of:

  • Websites are attempted to be hacked approximately 70 times per day on average. You don't even notice that data is being leaked from your site and databases. SiteLock scans the page daily to cover these loopholes.

  • If malware/virus ends up on the page, Google will close the page for warnings, and visitors' antivirus software will warn when they enter.

  • If there are vulnerabilities, so-called injections can be made to get customer data that is saved via the website and the database. (GDPR Breach).

  • You risk being blacklisted on global SPAM sites because malicious code exploits your SMTP/mail settings and sends mail from your domain (especially important for GDPR, marketing agencies and more).

  • We ensure that you ALWAYS keep yourselves updated and protected from security threats (such as malware, ransomware, and exploits). Our security consultants support and answer your questions.

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