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Comodo VS Let's Encrypt
Comodo VS Let's Encrypt
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Comodo is a company, not an open-source tool, which means that support can end at any time if no donations are made to the developers. On the other hand, Let's Encrypt is a free Certificate Authority (CA) that relies on donations from companies and individuals. This means they cannot afford to offer support, guarantees, or tools to help you manage your certificates.

If you choose Let's Encrypt, you are entirely responsible, and no guarantee can be provided. Let's Encrypt's free SSL certificates are installed through your control panel, but we do not offer support or guarantees for them. When you purchase from Comodo, you can call or chat with us, or receive assistance from an SSL specialist at Comodo 24/7 throughout the lifespan of the certificate. It is always beneficial to have support ready to help you if something happens.

With Comodo, you can obtain an SSL certificate for multiple years, unlike Let's Encrypt certificates that expire every 90 days. For example, if you purchase a 2-year Comodo SSL certificate, you save yourself from having to reinstall it eight times compared to Let's Encrypt. Therefore, you must ask yourself if it is really worth saving 39 SEK per month for the free option. For many people, the answer is no. It is much more convenient to pay a few crowns and avoid reinstalling the SSL certificate eight times compared to Comodo.

The main reasons why you should choose Comodo over Let's Encrypt as your SSL provider are:

  1. Higher trust: Comodo certificates provide higher trust among users because they recognize the brand and its reputation for delivering high-quality SSL certificates. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and conversions for your website.

  2. Comprehensive security features: Comodo certificates include a range of advanced security features, including 256-bit encryption, which is the strongest encryption available today. They also include other security features such as mobile usability and device security.

  3. Size and capacity: Comodo is one of the largest certificate authorities in the industry and has a robust infrastructure that enables the issuance and management of large volumes of SSL certificates. Their high volume also allows for lower prices for their SSL certificates.

  4. Authentication: Comodo offers both automatic and manual authentication to verify domain names, ensuring that your SSL certificate will be valid and secure.

  5. 24/7 support: Comodo provides a 24/7 support team to assist you with any questions or issues you may have with your SSL certificate. Their expert team can help you with everything from choosing the right certificate to resolving technical problems.

In summary, Comodo offers high-quality SSL certificates that provide users with high trust, advanced security features, and a stable infrastructure capable of handling large volumes of certificates. With 24/7 support and a comprehensive authentication process, you can be confident that your SSL certificate is valid and secure.

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