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How do I create a Package in WHM?
How do I create a Package in WHM?
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Begin by logging into your WHM with the details you received in the email. Once you are logged into your VPS via WHM, follow this guide and your package will be created in 5 minutes. Note that you can create different packages for all your websites, but we recommend that you create 1 general package that you can use for all your accounts and websites.

1. Click on "Packages" and "Add a Package"

2. In this step, you now fill in what specifications you want your package to contain. We have here chosen general ones that you can copy if you are unsure.

3. Under "Settings", fill in the following choices. We recommend that you use "paper_lantern" as a theme, but of course, you can choose something else if you wish. When you have done all this, click on "Add" and your new package is ready.

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