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How do I upload my files?
How do I upload my files?
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There are two options to upload your files to Miss Hosting.

The first is, File Manager:

You can upload your files directly via cPanel using the file manager. File Manager is a web interface that allows you to manage all the files related to your account.

NOTE: There is a 500 MB upload limit via the file manager. If you need to upload a larger file, you can use FTP.

The second is, FTP programs:

We recommend that you use an so-called FTP program, there are several out there, but we recommend that you use Filezilla, it is completely free and can be downloaded directly here:

To connect via FTP, use the details that you received in the email "Your new web hosting account"

Host: (replace XX with the numbers stated in the email)

Username: Same as for cPanel/control panel (stated in the email)
Password: Same as for cPanel/control panel (stated in the email)
Port: 21 In this case, we have chosen as an example

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