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Filezilla is one of the world's largest FTP applications, it can be installed on Windows, Linux, Unix and OS X (Mac). Nowadays, it is also available on mobile phones to always be able to reach your FTP server. If you are unsure about how to use FileZilla, you can always follow our simple guide below. We compile different ways you can easily connect, either via quick connect options or more advanced methods.

Quick Connect:

Filezilla is very easy to get started with, to quickly get started and connect to your files, you can easily use their "Quick Connect" option in the toolbar.


Host - (replace with your own domain name)

Username - misshosting (the username you received upon registration via cPanel or your welcome email)

Password - 1q2w3e4r (the password you received upon registration via cPanel or your welcome email)

Port - 21

sFTP Connection:

This method is most commonly used for connecting to your own server or encrypted FTP connection, sFTP simply stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol. With this method, you can easily connect to your server to browse all the files on the server. This can be done excellently with the help of FileZilla:


In this example, we have changed the port to 22 instead of 21, which then makes it go towards the SSH port instead. Of course, you can change this to several ports, you set this up yourself on your server.

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