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How do I active Let's Encrypt?
How do I active Let's Encrypt?
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In all our packages, Let's Encrypt SSL is always included for free, you can install this SSL in just a few clicks by following this guide.

Start by logging into your control panel with your details.

Locate "Lets Encrypt for cPanel" under the "Security" tab.

Click on this and you will go to the next page where you get to choose which domain you wish to activate SSL on, then click on "+ Issue". In this example, we have chosen "".

Now you've come to the last step, all you need to do now is to uncheck the box that says "Install mail SMTPS/POP3S/IMAPS SSL certificate for" as SSL for mail is already installed on the server. After unchecking that box, click on "Issue".

Congratulations, you have now installed Let's Encrypt, you will now need to recode your website to work with HTTPS if you have an older website!

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