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How do I set up email in Mac Mail?
How do I set up email in Mac Mail?
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Start by retrieving all your settings from your control panel. You can find the settings by clicking on "Email" in the top menu, then "Accounts".

Inside, you will see a list of your email accounts with us. Choose the menu to the right of the one you wish to set up and click on "Configure Email Client". Here, you will find the settings for incoming and outgoing servers.

Next, go to your Mac Mail program and choose to add a new account. If you don't have any previous accounts, this will automatically pop up.

When this appears, select exactly as it is filled in here in the image.

Then, enter all the information you retrieved from your control panel, just as shown in the image below.

Once you have done this, continue filling in the remaining required details. In the image below, IMAP is filled in, but you can choose according to your preference. IMAP saves everything on the server and your computer, while POP saves emails locally. "" is just an example we have used here. The email server is the server you are hosted on, and it can vary for different accounts, so always double-check in the email you received from us to see which server you are on, and enter that instead of "".

When you reach the image below, enter both your username (email) and password, even if it says optional.

After this, everything should work, and you should be able to send and receive emails!

If you encounter any issues, always double-check the following:

Go to the settings for your mail like this:

Go to Advanced and check this. If it doesn't work with uppercase, i.e., INBOX, try writing inbox instead.

Then go back and check your SMTP list by clicking on Edit SMTP List.

Make sure everything looks fine here as well.

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