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How do I add and manage my domain?
How do I add and manage my domain?
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If you have just bought or transferred a domain name to us, you need to add it to your cPanel manually to start working with the domain. To do this, follow this simple guide:

1. start by logging in to the customer zone: with the details you chose when you registered and then navigate to the "services" field on the left hand menu.

Click on "My services/my services" that comes up in the drop-down menu and click on your active web hosting as shown below:

2. Click on the blue button in the top right corner where your domain name/name appears and select "Log in to cPanel".

3. Once you have logged in to your cPanel, scroll down to "Domains" at the bottom of the screen and click on "Domain".

4. Select the right hand side option "Create a new domain" and fill in the domain name you want to add for management. You don't need to fill in the rest, the control panel will do it for you. Go ahead and click "Submit" to save the changes.

Now you have added the domain you just bought or transferred to us, in this example we have filled in the under the "Domain/domain name" box. It can take up to 24 hours for the domain to work properly.

To manage this newly added domain, navigate to "Zone editor" under the main heading "Domains/domains" and then click on "manage". In this section you will be able to manage the DNS settings.

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