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How do I create a redirect? (301/302-Redirect)
How do I create a redirect? (301/302-Redirect)
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1. Start by logging in to the client area at: and navigate to "services" under the left-hand menu.

Click on "My services" that comes up in the drop-down menu and click on your active Web Hosting Package as shown below:

2. Click on the blue button in the top right corner where your domain name/name is displayed and select "Log in to cPanel".

3. Once you have logged in to your cPanel, scroll down to "Domains" at the bottom of the screen and click on "Redirects".

From the drop-down menu, select the type of redirect you want to use, permanent 301 is a redirect that will update the visitor's bookmarks and direct search engines to the new location.

Temporary 302 is a redirect that will redirect the visitor or search engine without updating the bookmark. The search engines will continue to index to the original page.

From "http: // (www.)" in the drop-down menu, select the domain name you want to redirect.

If you want to redirect a page or directory, you can use the nearby text box to enter the name of the folder/file.

In the "Redirects to" field, enter the full URL of the page you want to redirect. Note: You will need to specify the protocol (e.g. http: //, https: // or ftp: //) for the domain address to be accepted.

Then select one of the following www redirect options to dictate how the domain will be redirecting:

"Only redirect with www." redirects visitors that are typing www. as part of the URL.

"Redirect with or without www." redirects all visitors whether they use www. or not.

"Do not Redirect www." will not redirect visitors who use www. as part of the URL.

Clicking the Wild Card Redirect option allows users to set a redirect to the same file at a new destination.

With Wild Card Redirect, will redirect to

Without Wild Card Redirect, will redirect to

Click the blue "Add" button to create the redirect as specified below.

Now when visitors type the exact address you entered, they will be redirected to the destination you assigned.

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