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How do I retrieve my Auth Code?
How do I retrieve my Auth Code?
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Start by logging in to the Customer Zone ->

Click on "domains" box/button on the right hand side or on "Domains" and then "my domains" in the left main menu. See picture below:

Navigate to the domain you want to move and click on settings through the "wrench icon" (make sure you click on the correct domain).

Then click on manage "your domain name will appear here" under the blue box and select "Get EPP code".

If the domain is currently locked, click on "Registrar lock" and select "disable registrar lock" before proceeding to the "Get EPP" code to make sure the domain is available for transfer.

Click here to unlock the Registrar lock if it is "Enabled":

If you encounter a problem or cannot transfer your domain or retrieve your EPP code:

Please contact our customer support to have the authorization code sent to you by email. Please note that 60 days must have passed since the domain was registered or last updated for authorization codes to be sent out. For .SE and .NU there is no such lock.

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