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How do I import a database?
How do I import a database?
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How do I import a database?

Log in to your control panel through, find the "Database" section and click on "phpMyAdmin".

Click on the new database name in the upper left (optional), this step depends whether the new database name exists or not. If yes, go ahead and click on it. If not, skip this step.

Select the "Import" button in the main area of phpMyAdmin as shown below:

Select "choose file/välj fil", browse to the .sql file on your computer and click "Open" to select/import it here.

If you get an error message when importing, see the 'Common problems' section below.

Common issues

Your import file (.sql) is too big! This is confirmed if the phpMyAdmin times out. If this is the case please contact our support to get help import it.

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