To get started, you will need to select the name server software for your cPanel and WHM. There are several options available, which can be found under the "Name Server Selection" section. We highly recommend choosing Bind as it is a reliable and widely used software for DNS management.

Go to the server configuration and basic cPanel and WHM setup.

  1. Scroll down to the section where you can fill in the name of service.

  2. Each name server you turn on needs a name, and you have to put up at least two, unless you select Disabled in the previous step.

  3. Follow these guidelines when naming your name servers:

    • The name must consist of a prefix, a period (.), and your domain name.

    • The most common name for a name server is NS1 (for example, and

    • Your name servers cannot share the same name.

    • To ensure that your customers or you can easily identify the name servers, we strongly recommend that you use a name that reflects your business or your website's name.

  1. Select the desired IP address and assign an IP address to the name servers.

  2. We recommend using different IP addresses for each name server.

  3. Ensure that the domain name servers have an account on WHM.

After you have configured the name servers on your server, you need to register them with your domain name registrar. Registering your name servers involves informing your registrar of the hostnames and IP addresses of your name servers so that they can be properly associated with your domain name.

Once you have registered your name servers, you must announce their existence to the rest of the Internet. This is done through a process called delegation, which involves adding NS records for your name servers in the parent zone of your domain name. This step cannot be done through WHM or cPanel, but your domain name registrar should be able to assist you with this process.

It's important to note that if you do not properly register and delegate your name servers, they will not function properly and your domain name will not be accessible. If you have any domains registered with Miss Hosting and need assistance with this process, we recommend contacting our support team for further guidance.g.

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