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How do I move my e-mail to you?
How do I move my e-mail to you?
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Create email accounts that you have with your old provider to your new account with Miss Hosting. Do you use cPanel, if so then you can easily go through your control panel. Be sure to check that the spelling is exactly the same.

Enter the same password for all the accounts that you use in your old provider. You can change the passwords at a later stage, if you wish.

In your email client, add up your email accounts in parallel with your old account (same username / password).
- They must both be configured to connect with IMAP.
- Incoming server (or IMAP server) will be different for each account. You should check out what settings you used before.

When all accounts are up, with folders for both the old accounts and accounts created with Miss Hosting’s mail settings, "pull over" messages from your old folders to the new folders.

That is all! If you have a lot of emails then give it some time for all mail to be transferred. You have now moved over all mail from your old mail server to your account with Miss Hosting.

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