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What is DropCatch Domain?
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All domains expire if you don't renew them, this means that they will be deleted and available again for registration. Some of these domains are really good in terms of SEO, Keywords or a good brand domain. This means that many people could be looking for the right domain for their company, the new project or anything else.
To DropCatch the domain means that you place an order in our system: on a domain that is going to expire in the next coming days or months.

What we will do when an order is placed is have it in our database of domains to DropCatch, when it's available we will send the command to register the domain in order to secure it for you.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee any domain until it's actually registered in your name since it's many companies working with DropCatching. We are constantly developing our dropcatching function to make it better, but please note that the whole Miss Domain right now is in Beta version.

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