When you are going to reset/change the password for your email account you have created in the control panel you firstly need to log in to you control panel. You can find the user information to log in to your control panel in the email ”New Account Information”. When you have logged in you need to go the section called ”Email” which you can see right here:

In the section Email you will find a icon with a letter on it and a text next to it that says ”Accounts” click on that icon. This is what you will see once you get in:

Scroll down until you find your Email account and on the same row there is a blue text that says ”Change Password” click on that text and you will be able to write in your new password. You can also generate a new random password by clicking the ”Password Generator” button and then clicking ”Use Password”. Make sure you check the box ”I have copied this password in a safe place” otherwise you can’t click the ”Use Password” button. If you do not want to generate a new password then you can enter your own and then click on "Change password", then it should be clear.

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