To set up your email in Outlook 2013 you do the following.

Start your Outlook, if you started it for the first time you will automatically get the guide ”Create a new Email account”. If you already have an account click on archive and choose ”Add a new account”.

In the first window that comes up you choose ”Manual configuration or additional server types”. In the next window you choose ”POP or IMAP”.

In this window that you have in front of you now you are going to write in your user information.

User information:

Your Name: First Name Last Name

Email Address: The email address you created in your control panel

Server information:

Account type: IMAP

Server for ingoing email: or

Server for outgoing email: or

while is the hostname for the server where your website is hosted, the server information are in the Welcome Email you receive from our billing system after the payment is processed. is your registered domain.

Login information:

Username: The email address you created in your control panel

Password: The password you created in your control panel

Click on the button Advanced, in here you are going write the following:

Ingoing Server (IMAP): 993

Outgoing Server (SMTP): 465

Set up so that both uses SSL.

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