If you have registered a domain that you want to point to your VPS, you can do this in two ways. Below are guides on how to do it.

1. Take advantage of our FREE DNS service where you can enter the domain, and then go into the advanced zone editor and change the IP address of the available on your server. You also need to add a pointer to your hostname against the server's ip so if you have server.dinhemsida.nu as hostname, you need to add a text pointer that the server's IP address. Do you even use email for this domain, you also need to point mx pointer to the hostname of the server, this is done under the MX record in your cpanel.

2. You log into your control panel OnApp https://vpscp.misshosting.com (these should be in your email with all login information) and click on the DNS in the left menu and create a zone where you get to add all pointers yourself against the server. When you are done with this you need to change your name to these services:





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